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Think About It

by Brother Jacob © 2020

The Generational Curse, known as sin.
When anybody does it, nobody wins.
It not only affects us but all those who are near.
It affects our friends, and family, the people we love so dear.

Think about Adam and think about Eve.
Think about the devil, and what he did thieve.
Once they were well, completely made whole.
Sin had entered in, killing their very soul.

Think about Cain, who had killed his brother Abel.
Think about how envy, can make one unstable.
Think about all the sickness, that had entered in.
All because two people, had chosen to sin.

Now think about Jesus, and how He died for you.
Dying on the Cross, rising to make you new.
Think about the scars, that He took upon His back.
Giving us peace, healing our plagues.

Think about how two peoples' disobedience, gave birth to this thing called sin.
But because of Jesus Christ, we can be born again.
Yes we still live in a falling world, at times we feel like we always lose.
But sometimes its because the very choices, that we choose.

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