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More than just believing,

by sarah barrera

I'm standing here and you just see a believer
But it's so much more then just believing.
It's an understatement to say it's just a feeling
I'm overwhelmed from the sensation of His healing.
He's given me a love so extraordinary, i'm on my knees kneeling.
Took a soul so hopelessly broken and gave it so much meaning.

This love with Christ, oh it's so refreshing
To be set free from my sins and my stressing.
He has the strength to turn my tears into blessing
I'm a witness of his power. I'm here to you, confessing.

The world may offer temporary healing
Take this, try that- in reality all it's doing is concealing
Because nothing beats the rush when your hands are pointing towards the ceiling
And tears are falling while you're singing

A high can't compare to the sensation of your spirit on fire,
Where you're on your toes, raising your hands higher and higher
Practically yelling " the devil is a liar"

Oh but yet you still doubt this, and " oh it can't be true "
But i, myself a child, has seen what He can do

He's turned addicts brand new clean, sober- for years
And blessed the homeless with such good careers.
Ones who didn't believe, now as church volunteers.
The same people reading their bible, who use to be chugging beers.
And those who where once abused, now set free from those fears.
And the depressed now healed from the endless tears.

You're never too far gone, He can always come through
It isn't Him who needs to listen, it is you.

You sit here and pout and say " oh but you don't understand "
You say " look at what I've gone thru, you're telling me it's all planned?"

You tell me about your struggles and say that's theirs no way
But little do you know we where all just like you one day.

Hopeless and running, and always thinking of the bad
With envious personalities, always wanting what others had.

Millions of testimonies filled with trauma and painful tears
But He the almighty can heal the hurting of all those years.

The world wont be there for you, when you're broken and afraid
The world only wants you when you're wealthy and have it made.

You have no excuse to continue in such worldly sins
His love is unexplainable, in the end it's Him who wins.

John 14:3
...if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.

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