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The Brightest Light

by louis gander

Community, they were as one,
the trimmings on the tree,
but boasted, of their beauty, all,
as each could plainly see.
The Christmas lights were arguing,
the red ones and the blue,
but then the green lights got involved,
the orange and yellow too.

Their vain ambitions drew the eye,
as others looked at them.
They craved it all and each had thought,
"I'm such a precious gem."
So all the lights and ornaments
with all the tinsel too,
continued with their arguments
on who was 'besting' who.

Then shaking all, a booming voice
was heard from very top
and it had brought the bickering
to prompt and sudden stop.
Yes, way atop the Christmas tree
and higher than the rest,
this star had boasted he, by far,
was brightest and the best.

Crescendo'ed then, because of this
intimidating sight,
applause arose for brilliant star,
indeed, the brightest light.
Contented they had seemed to be,
to look to such a thing,
but then the lowest, weakest light
saw something int'resting...

She yelled up through the branches, "Please!
Oh, this we must discuss!"
She said, "From here, I plainly see
a 'stand' is holding us."
Black pupils drooped in every eye
as low as they could go,
but all the rest were just too high
to see so far below.

And star, the farthest from the floor,
just couldn't see from there,
so up on top of his own world
he glanced out in a glare,
"Are some of you believing her?
Why think you're going to fall?
Who shines the greatest in this room?
Trust me. I'm over all!"

So then, in unison they sang,
in perfect harmony,
"We don't believe in anything
if it, we cannot see."
That saddened, then, the lowest light.
Again she tried to shout,
but all she did was flicker some
and then, at last, burned out.

The 'stand' was doing all he could,
with all his muscled might,
but finally he lost his grip
to keep that tree upright.
So timbered it, the tree and all.
It fell so hard and far.
And all was shattered into bits
with bright and mighty star.

The moral of this story is:
Seek truth and do not fight.
Let others see you differently
within your little light.
Be humble. Do not crave mere fame
when shining on this earth -
but glory, rather, give to God
and Jesus' precious birth.

Merry Christmas!

This poem won first place for the November 2014 poetry contest

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