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A Blessing For Mothers

by Edward Nickerson

It's early morning of a sun blessed blue dawn,
Singing birds in the treetops greeting earth with their song.
It's a glorious new day from the earth to the sky.
A special new day and for her we may cry.
Our "Mother" who carried us when we were small,
A "Mother" that raised us and loved most of all.

Our wrongs and misgivings she surrounded with love,
Who guided our journey and prayed blessings from above?
Your "Mother" who's love stood strong through the years.
Through her sickness and pain and sorrow and tears.
She loved us awake and then loved us to sleep.
And to ask of the Lord, "my soul now to keep."

My "Mother" loved me enough I was warm, clothed, and fed
Saw me ready for school, and church, and to bed.
That circle of love she designed just for me.
No matter my guilt, I could never break free!
A "Mother" who loves a child not her own.
An example of God sitting high on his throne.

That forgiving response no matter what she might see.
She loves, and she loves that lost souls be set free.
That "Mother" at work even when it's her day.
To God we commend and on her blessings we pray.
We thank each "Mother" for the things they have done
For loving and caring, when her "great day" is run.

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