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“A Motherly Tribute!”

by Edward Nickerson

In honor to Mother's, one day of the year.
Who serve us with faith, who tend us in fear!
A year with much trouble, heartache, and pain,
So much she could lose, so little to gain.
Yet, she stands in the gap, no matter her choice,
Skin burnt from a mask, her own muffled voice.
As a virus still rages, she now works not by thought.
Clean hands, changing gloves, aiding as she's been taught.
On the front line she serves staying close to her phone,
Praying at the end of the day she will not take it home.

To the stay at home mother, with her children at home.
In a shutdown with struggles, in "her classroom" alone.
She never signed up, to share life in this way,
New demand in her living, to teach them today.
So many the years since she last went to school,
So much now has changed, so many the rules.
Yet driven to press forward, this new page in life,
Forgetting the heartache, this new way of strife,
She will carry all forward and walk in the light,
No challenge too big, a mother's love will still fight.

To a mother whose child, may have special needs,
You are there all the while; you do special deeds.
Your love, O so strong, you love every day,
You love them at home and when "you're away".
There is never a moment except when asleep.
The love in your heart is anchored so deep.
That one in your arms is God's special gift,
That proves you so strong, your heart they will lift,
We love you today, and we will all the while,
As you walk on in life taking care of God's child!

To the mother who's lost, her love not to keep.
Denied of that child, Mother's Day "bittersweet."
We love, praise, and adore you for joining the race,
For the hurt on the inside, for the smile on your face.
It's a road that dear mothers try to walk all alone,
So will you reach out, maybe pick up the phone?
Ensure her she's loved, this would not be her choice,
That she too can move forward, lift her head, and rejoice.
We love and support you, stand strong for today,
And be help to another, to support them and pray.

To honor a mother, who supports not her own,
"Who's love for another", in strength marches on.
She cares and she loves reaching out in this way,
She loves as she does, her love for them will stay.
To the mother whose child who is well out of reach,
Her heart cries "I love you," any distance to breach.
To the child who just gave up and left in that way,
From her heart she still misses, them day after day.
Her heart longing to see and to hold them again,
She would run through a fire and fight heavy rain.

We honor all mother's, "it's your special day!"
We love you, support you, we salute you today!
Each day of the year, should be special to you,
One day of the year, not enough that is true?
To work on the frontline, or a leader at home.
You are never forgotten; you are never alone.
For we all stand beside you, we remember you now,
We share our love with you, as time will allow.
May the days not erase, "the angel you've been",
To be honored a mother, may you live as a queen.

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