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Wednesday's Blessing

by Edward Nickerson

One day of three what can I do,
When people rant in such a stew.
I will quiet my heart, bow my head,
Thank our Lord, I am out of bed.
Today, another day to serve
An eternal God with my shattered nerves.

Yet, I will stand so strong in the race I'll run,
When life is work and not much fun.
I will shop with care, with a heart of fear,
While thinking someone may come near,
With empty shelves, and public fear
Some wearing gloves and shedding tears.

Let's respect the present, honor our past,
The bible says 'this too shall pass"
And trust in God both day and night,
For only then we win the fight!
March on in faith, love as we do,
For the hand of God will take us through.

We sing "the Master of the wind"
His charted course on Him depend.
We start with Him to plan our day,
And from His hands we will not stray,
But be prepared as we are told,
To share His Word, to those untold.

To heal the sick, one thing He does,
To lend a hand as a God above.
We too shall pray, to lend a hand,
For God to act, redeem our land.
In faith, and love, his blessing be,
His mercy shown to you and me.

So as we rise this mid-week day,
To try and navigate God's way,
I'll study, learn, then trust the Word,
The greatest story we've ever heard.
And get up with the rising sun,
Then thank Him when our day has run!

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