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Lesson Of The Doily

by Carol Connell © 2018

So intricate it's weaving
home spun work of fine lace,
I turned it over in my hands
this sample of beauty and grace.

As I gazed upon the pattern
I wondered how much time
that it took to make this doily
so simple, yet also sublime.

To create a delicate piece such as this
I truly had the will,
yet I knew it wouldn't be possible
with my obvious lack of skill.

At this point in my musings,
the Lord spoke to my heart
of a different sort of handiwork
that He wanted me to start.

Just put your hand in My hand,
God whispered in my ear
I'll show you how to guide your children
so that my name, they will fear.

Day after day, together we can work
My character in them to engrave
this blessed undertaking you must never shirk
that their precious souls might be saved.

So I must be faithful to pray, teach and labor
and in passing of time, I'll be seeing
upon their lives, God's great favor
His attributes knit into their being.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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