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Fall and Rise of a Nation

by Elizabeth Hornby © 2020

You hardened your hearts and closed your eyes
You closed your ears and turned away

Right under your noses in no disguise
The press reported and you heard them say

'Depression, addiction and violence on the rise'
'Abortion, mutilation, disease, orphans and death'

For self protection the ill-fitting guise
And death to those not yet taken a breath

They've died in thier millions through poverty or 'choice'
Yet this plague is the one thats caused the most fear

Who looked for the 'CURE' of souls with no voice
Who suffer and die year after year

And where were we, the chosen people
Who watch and see the signs of the times

In buildings with or without steeple
Just who has committed the worst of the crimes?

The government tries as best it can
As we sit together on Sunday morn

To stem the tide of degenerate man
For a time such as this we were re-born

The season of Grace is ending, I fear
As cataclysmic events tear up our nation

His righteous anger, in the eyes of the SEER
As He strides forth bringing violent salvation

How could a God of love let this happen?
They indignantly cry out in this hour.

It started way back in a place called Eden
When the serpant was given all the power.

A period of grace as He parted the sea
As times ticked by and faith imparted

The Egyptians and Assyrians living in sin
Now is the season that grace departed

We can't afford to not listen or hear
The time of judgement, so now we pray

Not many will not shed a tear
Building alters of prayers every day

In Him we abide, in the shadow of his wings
Whilst the country grieves and changes

The aborted and gender mutilated unnoticed things
The plagues have endured throughout the ages

They focus on death now, and fear
Fully awakened to rancid, selfish ways of life

As the judgement ever closer draws near
His Word is upon us, it cuts like a knife

Our nation, its time for you to decide
No longer grey, now black and white

Evil, sickness, fear, domination and Pride
Or reach out to Father, His ways are right

To be a Great Britain, united in Him
trusting through fire, plague and flood

Alternative ways of life seem pretty grim
So reach out to Him, accepting body and blood

In seasons such as this, there is such redemption
The blindfold ripped off, hard hearts now broken

Body, Temple, Bride, Church, Followers pay attention
Your prayers are now more than a token

Saints, its time to arise and shine for our nation
To speak with conviction and pray in His will

Our individual prayers become a congregation
Our prayers form a substance His Spirit will fill

Kingdom of God, On earth as in heaven
For a time such as this restore our nation

The blood of the Lamb and no more leaven
The jewel in Your crown and full restoration

Your judgement's a mere taste of that still to come
As chronos and kyros converge worldwide

Your heavenly realm a vast continuum
Accessible to us your priestly royal Bride

The fall of iniquity and rise of our nation
No more pleading we follow your lead

Boldly entering and join heavenly murmeration
Against all evil your word we will read

Speaking your words that don't return void
In agreement with you, no hesitation

For by you for this we are employed


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