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Since we're saved, then we're saved together.

by William Spurrell © 2021

Beautiful are the stars tonight
Created in the skies
Beautiful is the grace
I see in your eyes
And all I want you to know
There be no further misdeed
There in the grace of God you will exceed
Since we're saved
Then we're saved together
Yeah, since we're saved
Then we will live forever
I stand in the midst of this praising crowd
And I wonder at my brother
Witnessing how he's been saved
Sharing it with one another
He said "I've witnessed many times"
The "latter rain is like a stream
The outpouring of the Spirit
It is not a dream
He said: "Since we're saved
Then we're all saved together"
"Yeah, We're saved and we will live forever"
In the midst of this sacred night
We behold the Spirit's breath
There in the Spirit's Life
Never knowing death
I want all the world to know
God's forgiven my misdeeds
There in the grace of God
I will exceed
He said: "Since we're saved
Then we are saved together"
"Yeah, We are saved and we will live forever"
Beyond the grave
In God's Kingdom we will gather
There like Angels, we'll be of one feather
There with God we will live forever.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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