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She’s a wonder to me.

by William Spurrell © 2020

There are days I see her walking
In sunshine and in rain
There are days I see her happy
Other days I see her pain
Her life is solitary
I say it's a lonely life
She says "I'm not alone
I walk with Jesus Christ"
And I respect her
In what she'd said
In having no attachments
But there instead
Some may think
For her it's a lonely life
But she finds herself complete
In the Lord Jesus Christ
Some think her lonely life
Thinking that it hurts
But I often see her
In the pews of a church
Bowing her head
Once I heard silent cries
Then she smiles at me
Then I've realized
There in her prayers
Silent tears that are discreet
I've seen in her eyes
That tears cannot defeat
The radiance of Christ
That makes her complete
She don't think much of herself
There's only Christ that she sees
But in looking at her
She's a wonder to me.

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