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On gain and loss

by Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

The Lord has chosen us,
And He has set us apart.
Christians are a holy people;
Very close to His heart.

We are called to follow
Our good Lord in the way;
Called to take up our cross,
Each and every day.

Jesus tells us not to listen
To alluring, worldly voices;
To deny ourselves -
To make selfless choices.

"Saving your life" -
So God warns in His Word;
"May win you the world,
But your soul will suffer hurt."

What advantage is there
In chasing worldly pleasure,
When loyalty to God -
Is a believer's true measure?

What advantage is there,
Or what gain, do say -
If you lose your own soul,
And you are cast away?

If you seek first God's Kingdom,
And His righteousness too;
Joy and peace will be yours,
Your God will care for you.

Jesus calls believers to follow;
To daily carry our cross…
So that we might win Christ -
We count the world as a loss!

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