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Psalm 37

by Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

Be not envious of evil men who prosper;
Let not their wicked ways cause you to frown -
Surely they'll wither like grass in the summer;
Yes, very soon they will all be cut down.

Always trust in your God, and do good;
You will be fed, and dwell safely in the land.
If you delight yourself in Jesus the Lord;
Your heart's desire He will give in your hand.

If you commit your way unto Jesus then
He will bring it to pass, He will make it right.
Your God will bring forth your righteousness -
Bright as the sun, as the midday light.

Rest in Christ Jesus, wait patiently for Him;
Fret not because of wicked schemes and lies.
Cease from anger, from vengeance abstain;
Fret not yourself in any way, it's not wise.

For evildoers, they will all be cut off;
In a very little while they will cease to be -
But the meek, they will inherit the earth;
An abundance of peace their eyes will see.

God is faithful, He never forsakes His saints;
He helps and sustains and delivers them.
Great peace will be the end of the righteous;
Shame and destruction the end of wicked men.

Depart from evil, take pleasure in doing good;
And for evermore you will safely dwell.
Jesus knows the days of the upright in heart;
He is their strength, with them it will go well.

The steps of good people are ordered by God;
And in their way He takes great delight.
Yes, the salvation of the righteous is of the Lord;
They are blessed, and precious in His sight.

They may fall, but will not be utterly cast down;
He ever upholds them with His right hand…
Wait patiently on God, and keep His way -
In due time He will exalt you to inherit the land!

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