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The resurrection of Christ

by Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

Jesus was betrayed,
Shamefully treated;
Beaten and crucified -
Love was defeated.

His tortured body
Now lifeless and cold;
As so long ago by
The prophets foretold.

God's only Son,
With eyes full of love.
Blameless, innocent -
Meek as a dove.

Among the rich
They made His grave;
A heavy stone
Sealed off the cave.

Friends and disciples
All grieving at home.
Sacred silence -
In death, we're alone.

A sudden bright flash;
A blinding light.
Almighty God -
Showing His might.

Jesus opens His eyes
And looks at His hands.
Briefly confused,
Then He understands.

Everything He suffered,
It was worthwhile.
Jesus smiles -
The most radiant smile.

He overcame death
By His selfless sacrifice.
God raised Him up,
He is forever alive.

Sin was defeated,
Like God had decreed.
Today love triumphed,
Love triumphed indeed!

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