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Finding Your Cross

by Edward Nickerson

Just an old dusty cross on a vacant church wall,
Cob webs hanging from the side, so long and so tall.
The cross still stretched between earth and heaven,
The congregation dwindled "til only seven."
Who then all gave up, and walked away,
For a brand-new church not far away.

Forgotten that dusty old rugged cross,
Where I once knelt knowing my soul was lost.
That pastor with the biggest smile,
Came to meet me, in the middle isle.
Before that cross that very day,
Jesus kindly washed my every sin away.

An emblem, that cross, so many years before,
Showed hope to all who've came before.
My Jesus hung there above the land.
Harsh nails penetrating both feet and hands.
His blood flowed from spear driven side,
But it was there for me, he gladly died.

As I stood before that withered old cross,
My heart still warmed; I was not lost.
For Jesus had taken my sin away,
As they used a borrowed tomb that day.
But death, nor grave, could hold Him there.
Though His mother watched in great despair.

For man's desire was to stop him cold,
And Satan mocked as they tore his clothes.
The end, that gospel, now in the grave,
Though saving others, His life He gave.
When the heaven's opened the earth it shook,
The tomb it opened, as a page marked book.

That cross it marked my Savior's doom,
He's alive that shout from empty tomb.
Where soldiers scattered leaving on the run.
Their guard had failed at the rising sun,
And Jesus walked that earthly scene,
My mediator, redeemer, God supreme.

No chains, no guards, no sealed-up stone,
My Jesus returning to a Heavenly throne.
Alive and living, then for ever more,
Took my heart that day, unlocked my door,
Then into my life, He entered therein,
He saved my life, and forgave my sin.

That Easter story so true again,
How Jesus can save us all from sin,
He stands there waiting at heaven's door,
The greatest gift, who could ask for more.
Eternal life is your choice today,
Please don't turn your back, and walk away!

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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