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My People Know Me

by Susan Mouw

My people know Me
They long to look upon my face.
My people know Me
They know my mercy and my grace

They gave their life to Me
And received eternal salvation
They gave their heart to Me
And do not fear damnation

They spent their time yearning
To know more about Me.
They spent their lives learning
From the Word that sets them free.

My people know Me
And on that final judgement Day
They will receive their rewards
And will hear Me say

"Welcome, good and faithful servant
Who, in this world, turned to Me"
They will not hear those dreaded words of
"Go away, I never knew thee."

My people know Me.
They have listened to hear My Plan.
They have sacrificed their lives
To follow the Great I Am.

My people know Me.
Are you one of Mine?
Come and follow Me
Before the end of time.

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