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30 Pieces of Silver

by Robert Hawkins © 2021

Oh, what did you gain from the silver?
And, what was that kiss really worth?
Your fateful decision now met with derision
by all who have traveled this earth.

For, thirty mere pieces of silver --
the price of a slave's life, when lost;
this old law of Moses now vividly shows us
what you thought Messiah's life cost.

Did you feel remorse in the garden,
when seeing your Lord face to face?
When you were betraying was your conscience swaying
between revolution and grace?

​Returning those pieces of silver,
did you think events could reverse?
Your three years befriended by Jesus now ended;
a life that was blessed -- now a curse.

Once life was no longer worth living,
with you at the end of your rope;
before you stopped breathing did you dare believe in
Christ's love of forgiveness and hope?

This poem was a finalist in the March 2021 poetry contest

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