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A cry from the Wilderness

by Royston © 2021

It seems to me that we have not the preachers of yesteryear,
and I acknowledge that the power of the Holy Spirit seems no longer near.
Men like Spurgeon, Wycliffe ,Wesley and Billy Graham have moved on
and with them the Holy Spirit appears to have withdrawn and gone.

I do not say that the Bible is no longer an open book,
but I acknowledge that the Holy Spirit no longer moves me to look.
For I am dead in my trespasses and sin, and I am deaf and dumb,
and can no longer hear the Shepherd's voice calling me to come!

Can these dead bones of mine join together and once more live?
How can I know the eternal life that only God can give?
This can only happen if the Wind of God fills me with life
and brings me back to the cross through Jesus' blood and sacrifice.

So I fall down upon my knees in penitential prayer
and cry out to God, hoping, beyond hope that He is there.
Oh Lord the Almighty and Holy God have mercy on me:
make me alive, cleanse me from sin, and set my soul free.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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