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A Battle Begins

by Mark Spencer © 1997

Joshua reassured the men,
Said God will see us through.
Though he predicted victory,
Some doubted it was true.

This city is a citadel,
Our foes cannot be reached.
The outer walls are fortified,
We're told they can't be breached.

They'll pick us off if we attack,
Their archers, strong and skilled;
And if our army comes too close,
Then many will be killed.

Is he stricken now with madness,
Will we pay for his sins?
Are we cattle for the slaughter,
When this battle begins?

Perhaps he should be overthrown,
Lest we are all destroyed.
This my prove to be a conflict,
Our army should avoid.

Ever since he's taken over,
All we have done is fight.
A battle begins at daybreak,
And rages through the night.

Though we've yet to be defeated,
This time I just don't know.
How can our leader hope to fell,
The walls of Jericho?

We'll be fodder for their archers,
And targets for their scorn.
As we march around this city,
Blowing these silly horns!

He says we only need have faith,
On God we must depend.
But as the sun begins to rise,
A battle will begin.

We are marching toward the city,
Our horns ready to blow.
As Joshua leads us to the
Battle of Jericho.

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