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God’s Masterpiece

by Mark Spencer © 2009

The thoughts and dreams of every soul,
And all for which they strive,
Are brush strokes in God's masterpiece,
The canvas of our lives.

And though therein lay tragedy,
And periods of strife,
So too there is prosperity,
And quality of life.

Brush strokes contribute equally,
To benefit the whole.
No greater life resides above
The ordinary soul.

Can one thread in a tapestry
Be better than the rest?
Who will decide which drop of paint
Should be the painting's best?

It certainly won't be the drop,
That sets itself apart.
How can a drop within the frame
Appreciate the art?

Can one note in a symphony
Define its grace and poise?
Or would that note, sustained for long,
Be any more than noise?

And can a solitary word
Give poetry its rhyme?
Or is it just a single word,
No more, or less, sublime?

Then why do we believe we can
Be better than our kin,
Simply because fate gave us more
Treasures than other men?

We are drops upon the canvas,
Just threads within the weave.
Yet pride will make us more than this,
Its whispers will deceive.

Does privilege mean anything,
Beyond this earthly sphere,
Distinctions that set us apart
Are only valid here.

But if distinction is the truth,
Where is the harmony?
A segregated paradise,
Is far from heavenly.

And yet, this is what some believe,
That "greatness" will prevail.
That they will still be privileged,
Beyond the misty veil.

And still the Painter's brush strokes fall,
Upon the canvas face.
As drops of paint struggle to rise
Above their chosen place.

But our Lord is the architect,
Creator of the art;
He knows the dreams that fill the soul,
And motivate the heart.

For each beat of a human heart,
And all for which it strives,
Are brush strokes in God's masterpiece,
The canvas of our lives.

This poem won first place for the August 2021 poetry contest

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.