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Good Enough

by Mark Spencer © 1997

I find it rather curious,
When measuring our goals,
That we always strive to achieve,
Except to save our souls.

We risk our health to win a game,
We study hard in school.
We climb the ladder of success,
To live by our own rules.

We take up arms against our kin,
Who live in other lands.
And we have died for the ideal
On which our country stands.

We climb a mountain, swim the sea,
Fly shuttles into space.
We even walked upon the moon,
To win some silly race.

We give our all in the pursuit
Of every earthly quest.
When we rise to the occasion,
We always do our best.

So why are there so many souls
Content with good enough,
When following the ways of God?
Does this goal seem too tough?

Can God not see the toll it takes
To win that marathon?
Did He overlook the courage,
Your spirit drew upon?

He sees how much you put into
Crossing that finish line.
He also sees how you ignore
The ways of the divine.

You give the world all that you have,
Then try to placate God.
But do you think the Lord can't see
Through your flimsy fa├žade?

You acknowledge His existence,
Attempting to deceive.
But God is more than entity,
More than WE can conceive.

He IS the path to righteousness,
He IS morality.
He's love thy neighbor as thyself,
He's truth, and charity.

And everything He asks of us,
What He wants us to be,
It is the blood spilled from His veins,
The true reality.

If virtue is a daunting goal,
Too lofty to achieve,
And you can't give it all you've got,
Then you do not believe.

If you reject one part of Him,
Then you reject the Lord.
And yet, you think you're good enough,
To gain heaven's reward.

If my poem sounds judgmental,
Then you opened that door.
A rhyme is really just a rhyme
Until you make it more.

For only truth exposes guilt,
The innocent are pure.
Sincerity is their defense,
In this they are secure.

But those of you who live the lie,
The Lord will call your bluff.
An effort less than all you've got,
Just isn't good enough.

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