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The Selfish Choice

by Mark Spencer © 2021

If doctors found a cure for aging,
Would you take it?
If you could break that law of nature,
Would you break it?

If you could live this life forever,
In an eternally young endeavor;
Where the gospel feels like chatter,
And salvation doesn't matter…

…Would you forsake it?

You'd be impervious to fire.
A fall could not bring death.
You could swim across the ocean,
Without taking a breath!

If your human life could never end,
Would you choose it?
If it meant forfeiting paradise,
Would you lose it?

If you could survive any disaster,
Instead of serving a Godly master:
A Lord who doesn't spare the rod,
Would you still seek the love of God?

Or would you refuse it?

But what will happen then to you,
When time destroys the stars?
And you are cast into the void,
With chunks of Earth and Mars?

As you float alone in airless space,
Will you sweat it?
There in the darkness gnashing your teeth,
Will you get it?

There are just two kinds of eternity.
There is emptiness and tranquility.
One is real the other a fraud.
The selfish choice abandons God!

Will you regret it?

Choose wisely when you take that road
For your choices pave it!
But if your soul has chosen Christ,
He will surely save it!

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