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God As Master Designer

by Debra Boyle © 2021

I can draw with pen in hand,

Make clay or wood shapes to stand;

Add paint and ink for color,

Then call it art to others.

But, I can never craft a man,

A bird, a tree, or sod of land;

Their likeness I can form as art,

Still, I can never craft a heart.

God is Master Creator,

Ultimate Engineer for

Originating all life,

With beauty, motion—real life!

Look at how creative He is!

All beings show that they are His;

There's order from species to cell,

"My Perfect Creator" they tell.

Bones at core make scaffolding sure,

No bones? Then shells protect secure;

A spine brings posture, head atop,

And tails provide balance nonstop.

Trees of wood so they stand tall,

With deep roots so they don't fall;

Leaf, stem, trunk, pith, barb and shaft,

Put in place without first draft.

And then look at God's symmetry!

Left like right, only two, not three;

With front and back and fore to aft,

Or circular, compass-rose craft.

Each being a factory,

Producing commodities;

Wood, air, ink, pearl, herbs, zinc, seeds,

No boss—produce to meet needs.

Yes, God cares for His creation,

Watching all without cessation;

Smallest bloom on high tundra plane,

No man sees, yet God gives it rain.

And look how sharp God clothes them all!

Bright green algae, fuchsias not dull;

Each is dressed in Creation style,

That never fades—God's mercantile.

Clothes of scales, furs, down feathers,

Spines, wool, hair, bristles, leathers;

Not to leave them defenseless,

Tusks and horns knock prey senseless.

Creation's ecosystem's pure,

Forever tested, planet sure;

From pollinators, oh so small,

To antlers shed for hare to gnaw.

We know not all these cycles,

Yet, we must still be mind full;

God's Creator over all,

Master Designer of all.

For human minds to question this,

Is to negate that God exists;

Look close at all life you pass by,

"Master Designer!" they all cry.

By taking a long and thoughtful look at what God has created, people have always been able to see what their eyes as such can't see: eternal power, for instance, and the mystery of his divine being. So nobody has a good excuse. Romans 1:20 The Message

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