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Evening Draws Nigh

by Beth Viera

Evening draws nigh
and I take pause to examine my heart
before the Most High.

What did I do?
What did I say?
Did I fully reflect my Messiah today?

I need to be sure
to identify sin,
not giving it place
to take root again.

Oh, so widely and deeply
I have been forgiven
I will never be worthy
and by this, I'm driven.

I am yet a sinner,
but no more by intent.
Felt 'that stirring' within
and chose to repent.

It is just not enough
to say "I believe",
then live my own way
and expect a reprieve.

I tried it my way
and found serious trouble
my personal will
brought a mountain of rubble.

So these days
no longer against God do I strive.
and I'm finally having
the true time of my life.

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