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by Peter Fraser © 2020

I'll tell you the tale of an ignorant man whose house is precariously built on the sand,
A man puffed up and proud to his core he's got all the answers and he knows the score,
He will not be told, instructed or urged he won't be chastised assisted or scourged
He goes his own way and does his own thing he's in total command of everything.

There's no time for Religion that's a crutch for the weak, nor will he turn the other cheek
This man is a fighter aggressive and strong if you get in his way he'll sing your swan song
He says with a haughty and scornful look that the Bible is a useless and archaic book
Nothing but fairy tales for weak minded fools who deserve to be pitied and ridiculed.

Now this type of person looks down on believers as pathetic and habitual under achievers
Too stupid to sort out their own messy life they hope for a God and mythical afterlife
And the crooks who run the leech like Churches gather the profits and empty their purses
"They are all crazy it serves them all right" he says with a hateful and perverse delight.

We all know this type at some point in our walk, we go together like Cheese and Chalk
The Word bounces off his stone like heart because he knows it all and has from the start
The more you preach the louder he gets the message of Jesus torments and upsets
He will not hear it the walls are erected, and the brow beaten believer walks off dejected.

Remember how Egypt dealt with Moses despite all the plagues they snubbed their noses
Sometimes God makes people blind to reason for his glory and purposes in the right season
So don't be discouraged by the ignorant bully God's in control completely and fully
Let the man bluster and bolster his pride because even for him our Precious Jesus died

So fight the good fight in loyal obedience and you'll grow in the Lord and gather experience
For the day may come for this man's surrender and he'll be your Brother forever and ever
So don't write him off for all of his faults his arguments opinions and verbal assaults
But lift him in Prayer and keep plugging away and sooner or later God wins the day.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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