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by Peter Fraser © 2020

The Protestors march & the Preachers cried safety & peace
The self-serving governments pander & play politics
In the homes and the streets disorder is increased
A blinded world falls for the Devil's old tricks

While the Church seeks prosperity and purpose in life
Wild weather patterns strike across the Globe
Nation rises against Nation hatred, warring and strife
Oblivious of danger people travel to and fro.

For Christ's return we are not ready.

Morality is all but dead, almost anything goes
Earthquakes and disasters occur in diverse places
As love quickly fades there's an influx of woes
The Human Race is losing the race of all races

Youth in rebellion who show none due respect
Babies aborted by the millions worldwide
There are no thoughts of consequences or aftereffect
Self-worship abounds, the breeding ground of pride

For Christ's return we are not ready

As the love of many people waxes cold
And the internet is nothing but violence and porn
The poor get poorer while the rich stack their gold
The Cults build their numbers with the lost and forlorn.

The Gospel is not taught and the Word's watered down
To preach an easy message is the flavour of the day
Sheep following their Shepherd without even a frown
The wide road is very busy, ignorance on display

For Christ's return we are not ready

Yet the Bible is there to be studied and learned
The nature and heart of God is clearly revealed
Follow his narrow path and do not be turned
Seek the Lords face be restored and be healed.

Have a relationship with Jesus and not just belief
Turn your back on the world and its ways
And the end will not sneak up on you like a thief
Heaven will be yours, an eternity of love and praise.

It is still not too late to be ready!

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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