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by Peter Fraser © 2018

So you've got a collection of cool Classic cars, Glittery duco and Chrome Bumper bars,
An eye-catching treat for a long Sunday drive, makes you feel like you're young & alive.
So you've got a house of Marble and Brass, a three story Mansion of position & class,
With all the best furniture from all the best shops, no expense spared, pulled out all the stops.
So you've got the best job with a 6 figure sum, your Kids have a Nanny instead of a Mum,
The Maid & the Butler do all the chores, pay all the bills and go to the stores.

You may have a business successful and large, you cheat on your taxes and overcharge
A corporate giant, a real entrepreneur, you never drive but prefer a Chauffeur.
You may have a bank account with millions or more, buy whatever you want from any store,
Limitless Credit Cards shop till you drop, eating in restaurants and flash coffee shops.
You may have first class Diamond rings and chains, organise political campaigns,
Be an upper-class Socialite with Ascot & Bow Tie, a high-end lifestyle to maintain and deify.

So you travel the world whenever you like, cruise all the Oceans and first class flights,
You've seen all corners of the Earth on a whim, from Antarctica and Africa to Pacific Rim.
Stayed at the highest end Tourist resorts, visited with Royalty and attended their courts,
Enjoyed Casinos in the high roller suites, attended the Opera in balcony seats.
You've consorted with Diplomats, Politicians and Statesmen, worthy of your elevated station,
But O foolish person it does you no good, your focus has not been where it should.

You should seek God his truth and his ways, but you've focused on wealth and wasted your days,
You should give out instead of horded, now your due to be punished instead of rewarded.
You should worship the God most high, not the god of this Earth, a satanic lie,
You should live for the future instead of the now, the treasures of Heaven God will endow.
You should hang on to Jesus the light of the world, study his Word and make it your pearl,
You should be both humble and honest to boot, for you Can't Take It With You Earthly Treasure is moot!

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.