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by Peter Fraser © 2017

For all the time I never knew you my regret runs very deep,
For all the times you weren't on my mind before I went to sleep,
For all the time I wasted living life vulgar, abased and cheap,
For all the time I lived in Sin with consequences very steep,
For all the times with no regard your laws I did not keep,
For all these times and many more my heart will always weep.

I never knew your Love although it was always there to be found,
I never knew your Glory even though you were already crowned,
I never knew your Grace and Mercy living hell bound,
I never knew your Word my life was built on sandy ground,
I never knew Forgiveness I paid back pound for pound,
For all the things I never knew my grief will not be drowned.

I will not forget the day you rescued me from strife,
I will not forget the day you turned around my life,
I will not forget the day you removed satans knife,
I will not forget the day I was no longer a lowlife,
I will not forget the day that I discovered Christ,
But from that day I've shed many Tears for a wasted life.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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