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by Peter Fraser © 2017

Society's too busy, it's sad but it's true, we've created a million and one things for us to do,
We've built the tall Buildings Highways and Bridges, inventions aplenty such as Cameras and Fridges.
We've made lots of weapons at that we are good, but there is one thing we've never understood,
We're not in control, no matter how high we climb, but God is always running on time.

We too and we fro living life as we see fit, not giving any thought to things of the spirit,
We push and we shove to gain elevation, trying to raise our lowly station.
We lust and we hate we fight and we kill, attempting to rule and impose our will,
Despite all our efforts we're hip deep in crime, but God sees it all, he's running on time.

The Airport is fogged and the Planes are delayed, the queues are all long and tempers are frayed,
Trains are behind schedule Commuters are late, the peak hour grind is everyone's fate.
The Busses the Taxi's and Ferries are lagging, in daily pollution we're choking and gagging,
The gutters and drains overflow with slime, but God is always running on time.

How dare we think that we are Earth's masters, we cannot prevent Natural Disasters,
All of Creation is at the Lords whim, HE is the one who decides if we sink float or swim.
We are made in his image that's why we're so smart, but our sin and our pride is what keeps us apart,
So hear this message and take note of the rhyme, GOD IS ALWAYS RUNNING ON TIME

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.