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Final Judgment

by Mark Spencer © 2002

Jake was a social climber,
Ambitious unto the end.
But in his social circle
He had not a single friend.

Many kept him company,
As long as he was buying.
And they called him their best friend,
When they learned he was dying.

While his beautiful young wife,
Passed the time with baited breath.
In the hope of inheriting
His fortune upon his death.

And so, when Jake's life ended
Not a single tear was shed.
Those who put him in the ground
Were content that he was dead.

But that wasn't it for Jake,
There was something left to do.
His story's final chapter
Would see his life in review.

He witnessed consequences
Of dreams brought to fruition.
And the lives that were destroyed,
In the wake of his ambition.

Separated from the flesh,
With no way to justify,
His spirit revealed the truth,
When asked to testify.

Devastated by the sight,
Of the lives he had destroyed;
There was nothing he could do
But to flee into the void.

For he hadn't been prepared,
He was left unprotected.
Facing a final judgment
Wasn't what he expected.

He had rejected Jesus,
Said God was a fantasy.
He thought heaven was a myth,
There was no eternity.

That is how he lived his life,
Like there was no consequence.
Jesus would not be needed
As counsel for his defense.

So he passed final judgment
On the earthly life he lived.
It was the sins of the flesh
His spirit could not forgive.

And so he condemned himself,
To be cast out of God's sight.
Forever separated
From salvation's loving light.

Like so many before him,
All proudly self reliant,
He faced his final judgment
With a fool for a client.

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