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by Mark Spencer © 1997

Life begins with family,
Which prepares us for the rest.
Without it even eagles
Would not live to leave the nest.

And when time overtakes us,
Leaves you facing the unknown,
Family would not allow
That we face that road alone.

We look out for each other,
In whichever way we can.
Some have kept us in their prayers
Since the day our lives began.

Sometimes we feel like islands,
Fortified against the sea.
But an island too must come
To it's final destiny.

And who will be beside you,
As you slip beyond the veil?
But those who had been with you
Since the dawning of your tale.

For they have been our teachers,
Since our lungs first filled with air.
Each time we faced a crisis,
It seemed they were always there.

They laughed when we were happy,
And lamented our sorrow.
They wished they could have promised
A better day tomorrow.

In time we might drift apart
Off to fly with our own wings.
The days of yore, left behind,
In pursuit of greater things.

Families keep a vigil,
To see how far we can fly.
Ever ready to catch us,
If we should fall from the sky.

Yet, if we could reach the stars,
We'd see their hearts swell with pride.
Grateful for the roll they played,
That prepared us for the ride.

But even the spectator,
Who is bound to earth below,
Watches out for the brother,
Who surpassed him long ago.

Whether it is logical
For the mouse to guard the bear,
Makes no difference to the mouse,
Let all predators beware.

For if the two are brothers;
Though the bear, the forest king,
The mouse will not leave his post;
Prepared to face anything.

While the falcon needs no aid,
From her sister hummingbird.
Though the hummingbird remains,
Unafraid and undeterred.

This bond cannot be broken,
A link all families share,
Though friends often come and go,
Family is always there.

Since mother changed our diapers,
And dad bounced us on his knee,
Until the last breath we take,
All we have is family.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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