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Once Upon A Fall

by Carol Connell © 2021

Once upon a fall
it happened in a garden
man reached for nearby leaves
that could not secure his pardon.

The voice of God was calling.
Man quaked in fear and dread.
Red liquid spilled on the ground.
An animal's blood was shed.

Once upon a fall,
God showed them what was true.
Fig leaves were insufficient.
Blood sacrifice alone, would do.

Each slain beast offered up,
was foreshadowing of the true
Lamb of God who would come,
whose blood purges through and through.

Once upon a fall,
humans were graced with God's favor.
He took on a body of flesh,
but man callously killed his Saviour.

Jesus hung on that cross for long hours.
His blood flowing down to the ground,
preparing the way through His suffering,
for lost, fallen man to be found.

Once upon a fall,
a teenage girl was undone,
realizing she'd been deceived
and that sin was no longer fun.

She heard the gospel preached.
Its truth couldn't be denied.
She repented, was baptized in Jesus' name,
and that's when His blood was applied.

God changed her life completely
when she was filled with His Spirit.
The good news that breaks men's chains,
she now had power to declare it.

Once upon a fall is true,
no conjured up fairytale.
Calvary is so real,
and Jesus' pure blood does prevail.

Once upon your fall,
if you turn to Him, He'll be gracious.
You'll find an abundant pardon
and that His blood is still efficacious!

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