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by Peter Fraser © 2016

I'm happy to drive a true Christian car,
The Fish Sticker placed on the rear Bumper bar,
A Cross on the window displays my belief,
It's obvious God's my commander in Chief.

I'm wearing a shirt with a Bible verse shown,
Gospel music playing on my Bluetooth Smart Phone,
I carry Tracts & a Bible wherever I go,
Is it really the truth or is it for show?

I've got all the stuff a good Christian needs,
But can it be seen in my day to day deeds?
Where are the signs of the change deep within?
The point where I end and God's work begins.

Put away all the trappings and other distractions,
Don't listen to worldly opposing factions,
Inspect your own heart, repent and seek Grace,
Confess all your sin and seek the Lord's face.

For those are the things who's meaning is true,
Live by the Spirit in what you say and do,
Your example will shine in all that you meet,
You've given up milk to start chewing meat.

Authors Note:

Don't fall into the trap of having all the things that give you a "Godly" appearance. I'm sure the profiteers of Christian related items would love you to sample all of their wares and although there is nothing wrong with that stuff, we would do better to reflect on our inward appearance and make sure that is up to scratch. After all that is the part of us that God sees.

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