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by Peter Fraser © 2013

You hear a lot these days, about things that people do,
The habits we form, behaviors we set, misfortunes we accrue,
The self-destructive patterns we depend on day to day,
The things that do us harm as we continue on our way.

Let's take a look at SMOKING, Tobacco leaf in paper,
Just add a bit of Nicotine and you've got a money making caper,
The lungs destroyed, because it was too hard to let it go,
A slow death gets closer, with every puff we blow.

Hypnotism, chewing gum, inhalers and arm patches,
We'll try them all to successfully chuck the ciggies and the matches,
But there's really only one time when smoking meets its match,
That's when the smoker throws them out and applies the JESUS Patch.

Let's take a look at Porn. An all-consuming vice,
It twists the mind and scars the soul, turns real Men into mice,
Robs Women of their dignity and makes objects of their bodies,
No wonder that pornography is Satan's most recommended hobby.

You can try to quit it, but the teeth of porn bite deep,
You can't walk away by your own will; You're doomed to stay a creep,
But there is hope if you are willing for all pride to be dispatched,
Just get on your knees and quickly apply the saving JESUS Patch.

Then there's the dreaded Alcohol, Marijuana and other such depressants,
Addictive substances that numb the mind and make you hopelessly dependant,
The liver hardens, brain cells die and health is thoroughly depleted,
Mental illness looms, friends disappear and the cycle is completed.

But no matter what your poison, the way out is the same,
Just drop to your knees, open your heart and call on the Lord's name,
He won't forsake, he won't ignore, from the depths of Hell you'll be snatched,
From Eternities glory you'll be glad you asked, for the Cleansing JESUS Patch.

Time for a bit of a testimony. I was a heavy smoker and in 1996, I threw them away soon after becoming a Christian (After the Lords quiet urging to do so). I of course had tried many times before without success. I was a shift worker at the time and before going to bed I tipped out all tobacco products in the garden and even threw away all matches, lighters and other related products. When I woke up about 8 hours or so later, I really wanted a cigarette and only other smokers can really know what I mean by that. I REALLY wanted a smoke! So I turned to the only assistance that was available to me and asked God to help me get through it. I tell you now folks…..I NEVER had another craving! I quit cold turkey WITHOUT even wanting another cigarette. Forget Patches, pills, gums and counselling and for pity's sake do NOT get hypnotized. Just apply the best patch of all to yourself….THE JESUS PATCH. It will work because God is faithful and well able to help you if you will only believe.

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