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by Peter Fraser © 2011

"You need more money" is what the Preacher man said,
Though Jesus had nowhere to rest his head.
The crippled remain limited exiled to their bed,
The poor remain poor and the starving not fed.
The message is missed when the Bible is read,
With no thought for the Martyrs who's blood was shed.
Such is the way for those easily led,
Down the easy and wide road for the spiritually dead.
Gathering worldly treasures for the deathbed,
I think I'll follow the Savior instead!

"Come here and be blessed" from the pulpit is sung,
By those who speak with deceived fork tongue.
The Lord feels abandoned, his feelings are stung,
As people believe ideas, from the Gospel far-flung.
A hole has been dug for the old and the young,
As they're force fed with rubbish while rolling in dung.
We are supposed to be servants, our glory unsung,
The Apostacy net has indeed been strung.
Worldly Christians seek power, pulling up rung by rung,
The Enemy once out, is indeed now among!

"Just name it and claim it" is what's popular today,
Just speak it out boldly, with a little outlay.
Be positive and confident and you'll have no delay,
And that fancy car will appear in your driveway.
Jesus said "Leave all and follow me away",
But it seems that instruction is easy to betray.
For the message of prosperity is what ministers convey,
And that death to self is what they downplay.
So that the pews will be filled and ensure a payday,
And get a bigger building, music team and Café.

Is it still called blindness when you refuse to see,
The simple plain Gospel, what's meant to be.
We don't have to always have accord and agree,
But the one thing we should have in common is we're free.
Don't forget Jesus Christ died for you and for me,
He forsook all, to be tortured and hung on a tree.
Church is not business, lucrative and earthly,
It exists for a purpose by God's own decree.
"Lord your will be done" we should pray on our knee,
And worldly worries and issues before us will flee.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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