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by Peter Fraser © 2010

The world moves along at its own cracking pace,
With no thought for times, or regard for the place,
The un-saved like Dogs, seek their body's satiation,
With no thoughts of the spirit or eternal salvation,
They can all see the church, they notice the steeple,
But pretend not to see the Freaky Jesus People.

Like a donkey with a carrot in front of its face,
They follow along blindly on the path of disgrace,
What's good for one is not good for the other,
In their own foolish ways the un-regenerate smother,
But Satan has tricked them with guile like a Weasel,
To make them all hate the Freaky Jesus People.

They protest with placards and try to make changes,
In gatherings of troublesome hell bound strangers,
They try to make sin the law of the day,
So they don't have to think about their moral decay,
They think they are strong against the weak and feeble,
They target and decry the Freaky Jesus People.

Has it ever been different? History says no,
Believers have trouble wherever they go,
It's only the depth of the trouble that varies,
From a world gone mad and living contrary,
Each day like the last, a never ending sequel,
Despising the Freaky Jesus People.

But that is our lot to be hated and scorned,
To be stoned and abused tattered and torn,
They hated the Lord whose example we follow,
So if troubles are yours don't wallow in sorrow,
Lift up your head, praise God and be cheerful,
Be one of the blessed Freaky Jesus People.

The world and its un-regenerate inhabitants whirls off in the direction of destruction all the time pointing the finger of accusation against the "Freaks" who believe in Jesus, thinking that we are the ones missing out on the great lifestyle and the fun of life. If you call chasing after the wants of the body and having no power over your will living, then I guess that is true. If you call doing whatever pleases you at the expense of others and common decency while thumbing your nose at the Lord of Glory living, then I guess that is true too. Personally I don't think that is living at all. All that I need for living is outlined in the Bible and though I'm far from perfect and never as faithful as I would like to be, I choose God.
Though this description of an unregenerate world may sound harsh, you only have to look around to know it is true and getting much worse now. If you would like your Christian eyes opened to the plight of the world, you just need to head into town on a Friday night find somewhere to sit and watch people. You will be shocked at the events and actions that unfold before your eyes. Be sorry for them my fellow Saints. As they spitefully abuse you and call you names, laugh at your Bible belief and moral standing, feel sorry for them and pray, for the day is coming when every knee shall bow before the Lord and it will be too late for them then.

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