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by Peter Fraser © 2004

A walk in the desert of 50 degrees,
Deprived of the comfort the flesh wants and needs,
No food passed his lips for a long 40 days,
Just one man and his Father in the sweltering haze.

Though his flesh became weaker his Spirit grew strong,
Preparing the way for a life of no wrong,
Though tempted by Satan with glory and wealth,
He withstood and saw through the enemies stealth.

In a boat upon waters that foamed with a storm,
He slept as a tempest most violent took form,
The waves crashed in and the wind shrieked it's wrath,
And the Apostles feared of being blown apart.

And Jesus they woke and said "Lord save us please",
For fear had driven these men to their knees,
Then Jesus stood up and commanded "Be still",
And the storm and it's fury respected his will.

And the Pharisees hated our Lord for his talk,
For he preached to the people the right way to walk,
And that way was different from the path they were on,
So they vowed not to rest until Jesus was gone.

At every chance they questioned his word,
But it was they who tripped when his answers were heard,
And in spite of their hatred our Lord preached and taught,
Because he was not deterred by men of their sort.

And that night in the garden, our Lord humbly prayed,
That the cup placed before him be taken away,
But he only wanted to follow God's will,
He was prepared to be led like a lamb to the kill.

So battered and bleeding he hung on the cross,
And all those who knew him were mourning his loss,
His job was completed, he died so all men,
Could live with their Father in Heaven again.

He was laid in a tomb and sealed with a stone,
And Jesus faced death and the tomb all alone,
But of course he prevailed and took hold of the keys,
Victory was brought and our Lord paid the fees.

And on the third day when the stone rolled away,
The people rejoiced for this was a great day,
It proved to them that even when troubles abound,
The enemy cant keep a good man down.

What an outstanding example we have to follow saints. Jesus came as fully God/fully man so that he could walk in our fleshy shoes and yet be without sin. We must aspire to be like him in all things and in all aspects of our walk on this Earth. But for the times when we stumble and fail because of our sin nature, we have the gift of grace available to us if we are faithful to confess our sins. But it always pays to remember that in the face of extreme adversity, Jesus did not crumble as we tend to but he carried on his anointed tasks un-deterred. So when you as a man trip along your way don't panic or shy away from the challenge but rejoice in your troubles and show the Lord of glory that you are learning from his example. Show the enemy that you can't keep a good man down.

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