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If Jesus Was Just A Prophet

by Mark Spencer © 1997

If Jesus was just a prophet,
Then I need some things explained.
How could a tiny, rag-tag group,
Grow a faith so long sustained?

In fear, they fled the temple guards,
When their Teacher was betrayed.
They ran and hid themselves away,
How could THEY spark a crusade?

They left Him in His darkest hour,
Their own lives they sought to save.
Why would they not remain concealed,
And leave the dead in their grave?

After Jesus was crucified,
They went on to spread His word,
The very word that killed their Lord,
Yet this left them undeterred.

In the end, they were also killed,
Without FEAR they met their fate.
Still preaching His resurrection,
Sure He'd meet them at the gate.

What gave them such tenacity,
When before, they hid from view?
Why perish for a false belief,
If they knew it wasn't true?

There are two human reactions,
In the face of such a plight.
When risk of death presents itself,
We respond with fight or flight.

These are primal human instincts,
They don't change from day to day.
Disciples wouldn't challenge death,
If, before, they ran away.

The Christian faith should not have lived
After Christ died on that cross.
That's how it went for other cults,
With their own messiah's loss.

What gave this group of fearful men
Such a boost in fortitude?
What made them take so many risks?
What could change their attitude?

Their Lord would rise on the third day,
That's what Jesus promised them.
But if He failed to keep that oath,
Would they really die for Him?

For each one of Christ's Apostles
Overcame their fear of death.
And in the end, they prayed to Him,
As they gave up their last breath.

It was THEY who spread the gospel,
To kingdoms across the sea.
And in those lands, they gave their lives
For His … Christianity.

If Jesus was just a prophet,
Would their paths have been the same?
Had He not risen from the dead,
Would we even know his name?

These men died for the son of God!
His apostles heard the call.
Christ was not simply a prophet,
He's the Savior of us all!

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