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by Peter Fraser © 1997

If you have not received Jesus, you are under the law,
The laws that Moses received.
To be bound to the law is to be spiritually poor,
To break one is death, don't be deceived.

When Moses came down with the tablets in hand,
His face a-shine with God's glory.
The people frighted and shied leaving Moses to stand,
With a veil on his face. That's the story.

To be under the law is to wear a spiritual veil,
Your blinded from God's true glory.
Though try as you might to keep them you'll fail,
Your stuck in the death category.

If the law which condemns has glory in measure,
Then what about Jesus who saves?
Is his glory not a greater treasure,
A promise that laughs at the grave.

So cast off your veil, seek the covenant that's new,
See the way clearly in front.
Choose salvation by Jesus, he'll carry you through,
Give the old ways and bondage the shunt.

Before I was born again of the spirit and washed in Jesus's precious blood I was bound to the law of Moses, (God's ten commandments). This law is impossible to keep in every way. Man in his sinful ways is incapable of a sin free life, so when he died the full weight of an inflexible law came upon him. To accept the new covenant with God through Jesus Christ is to break your chains and be free of the law. Though it is by no means easy to walk the way of Christ, he gave to us a way to reunite with God by his death on the cross. If you haven't already, take off your spiritual veil and recognise the true glory of God in Jesus Christ.

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