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The Christmas Child

by louis gander © 2021

Don't be confused,
we're not excused.
Just who was born on Christmas Day?
Was Santa Claus?
Just take a pause.
Do we believe in Santa's sleigh?

If you are wild,
don't be defiled,
for Christ can bring you blessed peace.
Just lean on Him
and sing a hymn.
His love for all will never cease.

In days of old
it was foretold
That Jesus Christ would come to be.
And it was swell
was someone folks could really see.

Would Star not show,
which way to go?
And did an angel speak to them?
The Wise Men knew.
The Shepherds too.
Who did they find in Bethlehem?

Was Joseph's skin,
so envy thin -
when traded inn for 'livestock zoo'?
Did Mary care
that sheep were there,
the oxen, goats and camels too?

They understood
that all was good,
despite beginnings humble there.
Not as tycoon,
but coming soon,
God's Son would save us from despair.

The present world
is being swirled
around commercializing tree.
Don't go adrift.
Accept God's gift:
The gift He has for us is free.

Because He lives
He still forgives,
so come ye meek and come ye wild;
for who did lay
in manger hay...?
None other than the Christmas Child!

This poem was a finalist in the November 2021 poetry contest

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