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Children of the King

by Clinton Herring © 2018

Who are we
that we should be
children of the King?
God came near
to calm our fear
We're covered by His wing!

With passion great
He changed our fate.
On a cross He was lifted high??
His blood interposed
from death He now rose
Do we understand even why?!

With nailed scared hands
Life took His stand
and died for us that day!
While clouds were dark,
my living ark (!),
His love chased death away!

Our sin He took.
It's in His book.
He cast it so far away.
From West to East
when we were least,
a wall that it should stay!

He rose from death,
new life and breath,
this shining Light so pure.
He took it all,
our sin, the fall.
His righteous life our cure!

The work now done,
His battle now won,
He opened for us a flood
of light and life
that ends sin's strife;
We're clothed by His pure blood!

Oh, Son of God,
You claimed this fraud,
You're a gentle humble King.
Yes, Sovereign One,
my life You won.
Your love for me does sing!

The work You did,
Your life You bid,
and death Your work would thwart.
So now I'm home
to never roam,
a place in Heaven's court!

Yes, children are we,
forever now free!
Holy Spirit with us now!
Of God we're born,
no longer the scorn,
Living Word to guide us, WOW!

So, we are they
whom He did say
are Children of the King!
For we are those
redeemed and chose,
Yes, Children of the King!

This poem was a finalist in the October 2021 poetry contest

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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