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by Debra Boyle © 2021

Scene I

"Who moved the couch?"
He said, then "Ouch—
It's way too close,
Where the wall goes,
It's not in line,
With where we dine,
So where I stepped,
Now caused my wept,
Because my toe,
Got hit, you know,
I don't like change,
Nor rearranged,
Things in my life,
It's not worth strife,
So move it back,
There by the stack,
Of books I made,
And where it stayed,
For all these years—
Change just breeds fears!"

Scene II

"I moved the couch,
Since it was slouched,
Because we sat,
Only on that,
One end, you know,
When watching shows,
Through the doorway,
Since late last May,
If we don't move,
It from it's groove,
Our backs and spine,
Will realign,
To the same shape,
Of slouch and drape,
There's a need here,
And your great fear,
Is keeping us,
In silly dust,
With no logic—
Get over it!"

Scene III

"But you don't see,
That change to me,
Is a big deal,
This is so real,
The things around,
Please don't confound,
Don't mess with my,
Mind, and don't try,
To bring surprise,
Under the guise,
This move's a must,
No, it is just,
Your scheming plan,
To take a stand,
Against my way,
Of wanting say,
I like things where,
I put them there,
I feel secure,
When things are sure."

Scene IV

Perhaps secure,
And being sure,
Are not the best,
For life's good zest,
For joy in life,
abundant, rife,
So think of this,
That God in His,
Great plan likes changes,
And rearranges,
Four seasons show,
From heat to snow,
Each morning sky,
Brings clouds that fly,
God says to sing,
A new song bring,
God likes our prayers,
That new words bear,
God welcomes change,
So please exchange,
Old stuffiness,
And you'll be blessed!"

Scene V

I get it now,
I think somehow,
I missed the plan,
God has for man,
That we should cling,
To God and fling,
Daily routines,
Of things seen,
For adventure,
With God center,
Launching outward,
Instead of bored,
I get it now,
I think somehow,
The couch should be,
Facing out so we,
Look down the street,
And get our feet,
Moving for God—
I'm now quite awed!"

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