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Our Unfathomable Friend

by Christopher Hostettler

A day is like a thousand years;
A thousand years are like a day.
Mysterious, this odd display—
A mathematician's crime!

So fast, so far, so great, so vast—
The universe expounds, expands;
The Captain of the Ship commands
The rhythm and the rhyme.

We try to fathom what we find,
But finite minds are fraught with mists.
Eternal being, God exists
Outside of space and time.

But fathom this! This God so great
Disrobed of all his heav'nly pow'r,
Left his lofty, high up tow'r
And slunk into the slime!

Greater love hath no man more
Than him who bore our sins and shame,
Who entered space and time, and came
To clothe himself in grime!

How precious is the blood of Christ!
His sacrifice—it scrubs away
Our stain, so someday soon we may
From here to heaven climb!

Our Faithful Friend who knows no end,
Eternal Light and Lord of Love—
We'll praise him in the presence of
His splendor, so sublime!

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Book by Christopher Hostettler

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