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My Choice

by Mark Spencer © 2021

You've made some interesting claims,
Claims that fan the fearful flames.
But they're just based on what you've heard.
Your evidence is someone's word.

Show me the proof of what you say!
That climate change is more today
Than it has been since time began!
Was not the Lord prepared for man?

He wanted us to multiply,
To fill the lands below the sky!
You say the world's in jeopardy,
That man is its worst enemy!

You say man's virus is a threat,
And soon, mutations could beset
The world, since those still in the dark,
Refuse to take the vaccine mark!

So prove that what you say is true.
Explain what these mutations do!
Gather your proof, and make a list,
Show me these variants exist!

When you make claims based on a word,
It should be Jesus that you heard!
And if it's not, I'm sad to say,
Your claims will not, in any way,

Convince me that mankind has stripped
God's prophecies from holy script!
Before the earth's supports were laid,
God chose the fates for all He made!

We're not the harbingers of death,
It won't be us to steal the breath,
From anything the Lord has framed,
No matter what science has claimed!

For climate change has always been,
Its fickleness confounded men,
And Covid seems to lose its weight,
When Ivermectin shifts our fate!

So don't tell me what God has not,
To make me fear what man has wrought!
Only the Lord can end this tale,
Only through Him can we prevail!

This world is just a finite thing,
So is the breath to which you cling!
To save these lives, you'll lose your own.
And face what comes like flesh and bone!

But this has always been your choice,
Have faith in God, or heed man's voice!
So choose the world, or the divine.
The choice is yours. Let ME ... have mine!

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