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God of Miracles - A Prayer

by Pat Severin © 2007

Oh, Lord, the God of miracles, my Savior and my friend,
I thought I'd take some time today my heartfelt thanks to send.
I'm blessed, Lord, by your presence, in every passing day,
A loved one's kiss, a baby's smile, your Word that points the way.

Relationships so rich, Lord, my world's a better place.
And thank you for the trials that come, for strength, as each I face.
Some people say that miracles are few and far between,
But if they'd take the time to look, at everything, I mean…

They'd see the world's a wondrous place where miracles abound.
They'd see your hand in all that's there, in every sight and sound,
The changing of the seasons, the plants that sprout and grow,
Spring's gentle breeze, fall's vibrant leaves, fresh, newly-fallen snow.

And what is more miraculous than babies, Lord, I ask you?
But if there is a greater one I wouldn't put it past you!
For you are able to create the miracles around us,
The smallest bug, the tallest tree, each day they just surround us.

But Lord, there's someone that I know who struggling every day
He's battling an illness, Lord, I ask is there way
That you can give him what he needs, remove this awful sting?
His faith is strong and well he knows the strength that You can bring.

So please, Oh God of Miracles, reach down your healing hand
Caress his face, embrace his heart and help him, Lord, to stand…
When he feels weak and frightened, too, be there to raise him up.
And when he thirsts for answers, be there to fill his cup.

But only You can do that, Lord, I lay him at your feet,
A miracle's the answer, so great, Lord, is his need.
So as I think on all these things, the blessings You bestow,
I thank and praise You, gracious Lord, just wanted You to know. AMEN

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