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by Peter Fraser

What a ball I am having, my life is a joy,
I'm happy and content with things as they are,
I've had everything I wanted since I was a boy,
I'm pampered and well bred, a socialite star.
So don't tell me about sin, it's far from my mind,
And I don't want to know about God's light,
My life's too much fun to seek or to find,
So I'll find God on my death bed and I'll be right.

I don't know if God is real, I'm not saying that he's not,
But life offers many theories try the lot I say,
I'll live my life the best way I can no matter what,
I live for the moment and take what comes day by day.
I don't want to worry about what's right and wrong,
I don't want to waste my life being righteous and contrite,
My list of things to do and see is thorough and quite long,
So I'll say sorry on my death bed and I'll be right.

I don't go to church and I have no call to go,
Religion is a bore, the same thing every week,
It's just another way to get a man to blow his dough,
And all I see are hippocrites who don't do what they speak.
Why go through the motions and make a mockery of the Lord,
I'm a good person, so my soul's not in plight,
So I wont waste my time with a system that's flawed,
I'll just leave it till my death bed and I'll be right.

But what if I was to make a big change,
Make a choice to follow the narrow path,
Then the man that I was would be evil and strange,
And I could live without fear of the aftermath.
So maybe I'll start to think about things,
And maybe I should broaden my sight,
Maybe I should search for God and see what it brings,
And trust him till my death bed and I'll be right.

Don't go through life enjoying the moment and living only for the thrill of the plentiful earthly pleasures available to us. This world is but a tiny drop in the bucket of eternity, and we only get one go at life and then we are judged on our performance. Purposefully living a life of sin and then turning around at the last minute of life to say sorry to God is a hippo-critical to say the least. I'm not saying that you can't get saved on your death bed, because you can. But would God honour your pleas for mercy if you have deliberately avoided him all your life, only saving a few desperate seconds for him at the end? Think about it.

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