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by Peter Fraser

What hope do I have for the Lord's mercy?
I don't feed the hungry or give drink to the thirsty,
I'm drunk all the time and addicted to drugs,
My best friends are thieves, liars and thugs.
I steal and I rob for my personal gain,
In rages I've killed again and again,
I blaspheme and curse and misuse the Lord's name,
Myself and evil, are one and the same.

What hope do I have for the Lord's grace?
Every chance I've had I spat in his face,
I've worshipped the Devil. Been a practising witch,
Followed false prophets and ripped off the rich.
I've desecrated churches and graveyards for kicks,
I've broke peoples bones with racist sticks,
I bashed up my Parents cause they were a pain,
I've thrown people out of their homes and into the rain.

What hope do I have for the Lord's love?
I've looked to my future in the stars above,
I attended and hosted seances and black mass,
I've always been an arrogant ass.
I've played D&D, was good at it too,
Been involved in the occult, (you know it's all true),
I've been a lodge member, performed all the rights,
Gambled money away in casinos at night.

Well I've got news for you and it's all good,
The Lord doesn't care if your a hood,
If you call him, he'll answer, so don't be shy,
Give him your heart, it's worth the try.
Because no sins too great that started your fall,
The Lord your God will forgive you all,
So be of good cheer, there's hope for all men,
The Lord Jesus Christ is coming again!!!

No matter how bad or evil you think you are, God has enough mercy and grace left to forgive your sins, and enough love to serve eternal life to you on a silver platter, if you will only take it. Don't be resigned to an eternity in torment because you feel you can never change. You can change with the help of the Holy Spirit once you have been washed in the blood of Jesus. To get saved you have to want it but whether you want it or not, God wants you, give him and yourself a chance.

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