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by Peter Fraser

Why do you stand with your eyes held high?
Staring to Heaven while time ticks by,
Why are you waiting for Jesus's return?
Is it possible you think that there's no more to learn?

Have you learnt not to judge but learned how to love?
Have you learnt to stand back when push comes to shove?
Is turning the cheek a big part of your life?
Are you living in peace or surrounded by strife?

Don't dwell on the fact of the coming end time,
Because it's not a tall tale or nursery rhyme,
We'll be called to account for all of our deeds,
So stop lazing around and start planting seeds.

For as the Son of Man rose, so again will he come,
And the world will march to the beat of his drum,
Don't waste your time gazing, but go on your way,
Carry out our commission until that great day.

The message is clear friends, do what you are supposed to be doing according to the instructions of Jesus. If you do not you are wasting the time you have been given to do the Lord's work and you will be judged accordingly. Do not live week to week waiting for the rapture and do not dwell on the end time and all the significant events leading up to it, but go about your preparations for the arrival of the Bride Groom lest you be left behind.

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