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by Peter Fraser

My family is rigid and set in it's ways
With pride the tradition I bear
In my Patriarchs footsteps I gladly walk
For my name and it's glory I care.
What's good for the Father is good for the Son
And so on it goes down the line
Their Religious beliefs were set in stone
And their faith will always be mine.

Am I hearing you right? Loud and clear
It's by grace you are saved! Not by works?
The Bible is truth from cover to cover?
And Satan on this world lurks?
You say that the cross was an example for life
And it was once and for all Jesus died?
You tell me in sin I was born and remain
Until in the ways of the Lord I abide.

Well my family and I are devoted to God
Each Sunday we show our respect
We give to the poor and sing hymns of praise
To the Lord our prayers we direct.
Jesus was a good man, I'm aware of the cross
Don't waste your breath preaching to me
I help other people whenever I can
I'm no sinner!! How can I be?

If the doctrine your speaking is Godly and right
Then that means that my ways are wrong
But that can't be right, I'm a seeker of God
For his comfort and presence I long.
And what of my Parents? And those before them?
If they were wrong, where are they now?
That is unthinkable, they were kind people
At the feet of God surely they bow.

Well I picked up the Word and read it for once
And it's message is just like you said
The truth is bitter and hard to swallow
But along that path I want to be led.
I have to look forward for me and my house
What's past is gone, out of reach
The true ways of the Lord now are ours forever
And to others this truth I will teach.

To change your faith and deny your families religious beliefs is a giant step that is never easy. Though for some it is harder than others due to the closeness of the family or the devotion to those beliefs. In this poem I have tried to show some of the resentment and denial shown by those hearing that their Parents or Grandparents may not have been following the true path to salvation, in comparison to the Word of God. For those who are genuine seekers of God, it will be a cruel shock to discover that despite their efforts, they are wallowing in the sin they thought they were separated from. And for those who have the attitude of "My family has always been ................. so that's what I am", I call your attention to the saying that Parents are so fond of saying to their Children:
"If your friend .......... put his hand in the fire would you do it too?"

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