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by Peter Fraser

How long will you be bound my precious one,
Can you not see the light?
The light of God that beckons through me,
The light of redemption within your sight.
Why do you fight me? Why ignore?
Your prejudice and fear are evident,
Your words cut and destroy me,
Your spiritual sleep is prevalent.

Why stand on man made rules and regs,
When freedom is so easy,
Read God's Word, your hope is there,
Don't be quick to buffet and tease.
Make up your mind by proof my love,
Forget the outside pressure,
Look to me how much I've changed,
Follow my lead my treasure.

If you don't understand please ask,
The differences can be great,,
Don't judge and dismiss as fanatical dogma,
Open your ears mouth and heart little mate.
Am I better than what you knew?
Have our lives not changed for the better?
Don't let the bad apples spoil the bunch,
They'll bring you down too if you let them.

The church has not taken over my life,
I sought out God for you,
To clean up my act and better my ways,
So the Spirit of God in me shines through.
Allay your fears and worldly issues,
Ask the Lord your God to enter,
Repent your many unknown sins,
Cease being a dissenter.

For now to God you are accursed,
In sin your spirit wallows,
If you don't choose change through Jesus Christ,
In the lake of fire you'll be swallowed.
My love for you is great indeed,
And hell I'd like to spare thee,
Take my hand, let's say a prayer,
Be saved, be holy and be free.

Anyone who has unsaved relatives heading for an eternal fall will understand the pain felt when persecuted by those close to us. It is a special ache which just sits in your gut, an ache that only God can take away. We must learn not to take their rejection personally. All unsaved people will persecute believers, it's their job and their employer never let's them forget it. So when our words fall on deaf ears and we are cut by tongues with the strength of jack hammers, we must turn to God and let his Holy Spirit do his work, by convicting them, and healing us. But above all don't give up! If they are worth loving, they are worth saving.

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