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by Peter the Poet

I'm sorry my friend I cant make my choice,
Because the noise of your life is drowning your voice.
Your words make no sense, though I see your lips speak,
I'm confused by your ways, how you live week to week.

I'm sorry, what's that? I cant hear you man!
Your too far away from the place where I stand.
You need to come closer, give me a chance,
To take in your message and adopt a new stance.

Hey mate! I've opened my eyes like you said,
I don't want to be chained or spiritually dead.
But all by myself I can't reach the light,
And your ways are like mine, it doesn't seem right.

Come on, help me out, show me the way,
Do like you say and I'll follow today.
come down from the level you've put yourself on,
And lead me to Christ, my resistance has gone.

Thank Heavens you've come, I no longer feel low,
But I'm only one there's millions to go.
Who else will come down and lead by example,
Who'll make an Army out of an undisciplined rabble.

For those doomed below cannot pick themselves up,
But with guidance from us, with the Lord they can sup.
Lets clean up our act and get off our high horse,
And lead all the low onto salvation's course.

Feelings of superiority have no place in the body of Christ. We who are working toward our own salvation are better off than those floundering in the world, but we are not better than them. Let your lifestyle and actions be a shining example to the unbelievers and don't be afraid to get down and get dirty when winning souls, reach down into the cesspools of iniquity and drag them out if you have. All people have the right to hear the Gospel of Christ and woe to the man who picks his audiences.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.